Are You Registered?

“If you don’t like the way things are and you want to make changes, then you gotta vote!” – Mike Ness October 3, the deadline to register to vote in many states, is fast approaching. Registering is easy and can be done at many locations including your local post office or city hall. You can also use the National Mail Voter Registration Form we’ve linked to below. The only major requirements to register are that you are a US citizen and will be 18 years old or older on or before election day. Check Your State’s Deadline: “”: The National Mail Voter Registration Form: “”: Those of you who may not be old enough to vote are still old enough make an impact. Here’s how: * help register your family, friends and others to vote * learn where the candidates stand on the issues and keep your family and friends informed * And most important of all, make sure everyone gets to the polls on Election Day Election Day is Tuesday, November 2.