Show Review: 838

Had been looking forward to this show for months. I was not let down at all. I missed most of Dave Hause. But Cheap Time, holy sh#t. They rocked fast and hard with no breaks in music for at least a half hour. Great warm up for the main event. Some people I talked to said they always worry about older bands still playing. I don’t know what Social D played like 20 years ago, but they still rocked out. The event area was ridiculously hot, but they played hard for almost 2 hours. Played a little bit of everything. Sounded like they hit a couple songs from most of their albums. The sound was great. The energy was awesome. Mike said they would be back to Fort Wayne again, I hope he meant that. I would pay double to see them again. Thanks for coming this way guys and I look forward to seeing you again.