Show Review: 832

David Hause put on a good show with his acoustic performance. I’m not familiar with him at all but it was a great performance and he has great stage presence. I’m also not familiar with Cheap Time and I didn’t care all that much for their performance. They didn’t have any stage presence and they seemed to rush right through their set list. They should’ve slowed down because we still had to wait until 9pm for Social D to take the stage. Regardless… Social Distortion rocked the fucking house as usual. Mike Ness lit the stage up and put on a superb performance that was absolutely incredible. Jonny 2 Bags, Brent, and David were also awesome and the whole band made the audience go fucking crazy. I was disappointed that "Mommy’s Little Monster" wasn’t on the set list, but I loved every song that they played. Other memorable songs played were "Machine Gun Blues", "Reach For The Sky", and "When She Begins". The whole experience was well worth the price of the tickets. Hell, I would have paid more for them, but the affordability of Social Distortion’s music is what makes them all the more bad ass. I love you guys. Keep kicking ass and taking names.