Show Review: 816

mike and all of social d, thanks for some awesome shows. during the marathon i was fortunate to attend 8 of hob anaheim gigs. this is not as much of a review as it is a token of appreciation. you have been a major influence in my life both positive and in some occasions not so ( i own my own), but the times you have got me through are the single reason i am still alive today. i will always support social d, and at all possible attend every local show and even some abroad every chance i get. i am attaching a photo that i think is the most excellent pic i have ever taken from a live show. it is of mike and julian sharing the stage together only proving a live social d gig is not only a concert but for alot of us that have grown up with the music and even some of the same paths, a family gathering. from the bottom of my black fucking heart thank you mike and all of the boys of social d. positive vibes to you all….