Show Review: 802

Social Distortion ignite a Ring of Fire at House of Blues Social D played their fourth San Diego show at House of Blues in just over two weeks, once again to a sold out crowd. Mike Ness, the sole original band member from the 1978 lineup thrashed at his Gibson Les Paul and whipped the crowd into a rock and roll feeding frenzy during the nearly two-hour set. The band’s rockabilly infused punk-rock pumped through the speakers with clarity, providing raunchy riffs, inspired leads and the unmistakable vocals of Ness. From the opener "So Far Away" to the final cymbal crash, the crowd moshed, stomped, kicked and punched, treating the venue as if it was their own personal pinball machine. The nineteen song set spanned their career, reaching back to songs such as: "Hour of Darkness," from 1983, 1990’s "Ball and Chain," 1992’s “Bad Luck” and the 2011 release, "Still Alive." After nearly two hours, Social Distortion’s two week stint in San Diego came to an end, but not before a full onslaught of rock and roll with a pair of rollicking, intense, high-ocatane versions of the Johnny Cash classics, "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Ring of Fire."