Show Review: 732

WOW Fellas where do I start…….. Lindi Ortega has one hell of a bright future ahead of her. That woman can rock n roll with the best of them. The Toadies were classic and can still bring it like no other and were a great compliment to Social D. Then the God Father hit the stage and changed the game, just like he always does. You think you have all the answers and then he changes the questions ! Ya know I tell people that have never heard of Social D that their not really a band you just see in concert or hear and forget about, they make you realize what is great about music. I tell people that for me seeing Social D in concert is like going to church for me (seriously). I feel like I get my yearly cleansing and it’s demons out !! and I go on with my year counting down the days till it’s time to go to church again. Thanks Fellas my life is forever changed again thanks to you……. Mike