Show Review: 719

The sold out show on this Sunday was nothing short than amazing as usual for this legendary rock and roll band. They have been my all time favorite rock and roll band of all time for nearly 24 years and have now seen them countless times throughout the years…. Just when I think that they cannot get any better live they do and their musical chemistry is second to none. This lineup proves that they are still the Kings of Rock and Roll. Their set list was a great mixture of their entire catalog and some of the highlights were: "Let the Jukebox Keep On Playing," their blues jam of "That’s Alright," and "Bakersfield." I was stoked to see that Brent Harding has brought out his up right bass on this tour for a few numbers! I got to opportunity to listen to them sound check before the show and got a chance to hear a new song that the band has been writing on this tour and is still currently "under construction" and all I can say is it could be the most powerful, heartfelt song that they have ever written. All I got to say is watch out everyone…. This rock and roll band has been around for over 30 years and they have not even peaked out yet musically speaking.