Show Review: 718

My fifth Social D concert and one of the best!!!!! I am always amazed at how tight the band is as a unit. Got to love how solid the rhythm section drives the songs, leaving Mike and Jonny to do their thing. Great drumming from David Hidalgo, Jr., I was a big fan of Charlie Quintana – but I think Hidalgo’s drumming was the best of the three Social D drummers I have seen – and from a great musical family, too. One moment to share my "Fanboy" moment – I walked down to pick up my tickets at the box office in the afternoon. I saw Mike Ness across the street walking towards the bus. I thought to just leave him alone, but shouted "Mike Ness!!!" like an idiot, instead. He waved politely. The guy is one of my heroes, for many reasons…..and I am 45 and too old to have heroes. I took my 14 year old daughter to the show (her first Social D show) and she loved it. Lots of fans singing and ladies dancing in the balcony (I couldn’t see the GA section). A great time…..wish I could go to Corpus and Austin, too. Peace.