Show Review: 717

31 years after meeting Ness and Dennis on a corner in Chatsworth , CA. I finally got to see Social Distortion do a show. I brought my 15 year old son who has been a fan since he could walk,and a buddy and his girl that had never heard of the band before I turned them on. (Houston radio SUCKS) . All of the bands that night were great, But as good as they were,no one could even come close to Ness & Co. From start to finish Social D Tore The Roof Off. The mosh pit got a little rough but I looked over at my son and he was grinning from ear to ear. Said it was one of the best times in his entire life. It was an experience that neither one of us will never forget and now my buddy knows why Socal Distortion is my favorite band.Thanks for all the years of giving your all for your fans. Hope that Houston treated you guys right and look forward to seeing you guys again. P.S. my family and I will never eat at Ruggles