Show Review: 703

Well, before I went to this show, I had not listened to Social Distortion in quite some time, so I didn’t know some of the songs they played, or it took me quite some time to remember what the chorus was. I went with my dad, and he got me into Social Distortion, he had every album from the self-entitled album to "Sex, Love & Rock N’ Roll", and man, did I love these songs. After this concert, I got into Social D again, and remembered "King of Fools", "99 to Life", "Another State of Mind", and my favorite, "Bye Bye Baby." This show was quite exhilirating, it got me pumping full of adrenaline. Opening with "Far Behind" (one of my favorites), I knew this was going to be a special show. I don’t remember the exact setlist, but they played the epic "Machine Gun Blues" and my other favorite "Hard Times" song, "Bakersfield", both of which sounded pretty good. As a matter of fact, every song sounded very close to their studio versions. They played "Untitled", an old classic, "Drug Train", and the Stones, "This Could Be the Last Time", and "Down Here (With the Rest of Us)", and Mike Ness’ cover, "Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing". I was recently in a breakup, and seeing Mike Ness sing the chorus for "Sometimes I Do" and "Sick Boy", made me feel a whole lot better. The opening to Social D’s set was my favorite part (besides the songs), when Mike Ness came onto the stage with his gangster attire, I immediately got a smile on my face. We were on the right side of the crowd (from Social D’s view), and when he moved around the stage to let the crowd see him play, he mostly came to our side, and man was he so energetic. He’s still got it. Brent Harding made some pretty good backing vocals, and he’s so cool! Jonny "TwoBags" Wickersham was so awesome, and even though I barely seen him, I really wanted to meet the man, also all the other members, David Hildalgo is cool, too. Also, thanks to Social D, I now have two favorite bands, Sharks and Frank turner and the Sleeping Sirens, and these guys helped fuel the excitement for Social D. After the show, when they handed out the stuff, my dad recieved one of the drumsticks David threw (he had only two). And I recieved one of the other drumsticks one of the crew members threw. I wanted David to throw one of his drum heads toward me, so I could have it, I also wanted one of the setlist papers. When that guy threw the guitar picks, one fell on the stage, and I was about to jump over the barrier and grab it. Thank you, Social D, for one great show.