Show Review: 696

This was the first Social Distortion show I had ever been to and thanks to 106.7 ZRock the wife and I got to go ! We also got to attend the sound check before the show and that was truly awesome. These guys put on one hell of a show. I would say they are on top of their game. Most bands I have seen just come out act like bad asses do their show and go party. I could see the passion in these guys, it just flowed. The love of music and desire to put on a good show was for sure at the top of these guy’s list. The 5 minute meet and greet was pretty cool as well. Mike and the guy’s seemed real genuine and not like arrogant assholes ! I also liked how Mike addressed racism and how there is and never will be any room for racism at a Social D show ! I would have liked to post the group pic we took with the guy’s after sound check but do not have it yet. As soon as I receive it it’s getting uploaded ! I must also give props to the manager guy who took us into the sound check he was very cool too, Thanks Social D for giving the wife and I a very enjoyable evening. YOU GUY’S ROCK !