Show Review: 679

Hmmmm where to begin… So I get there during Off w/their heads set up waiting for someone to get behind the bar to get my "I’m at a show who cares fuck the cost "9 buck shot of hennesy followed by a 4 dollar PBR. I was planning to just stay up stairs and drink while OWTH were playing but they kicked ass so I had to come down to the front to say hello. Then back to the bar then Chuck goes on and floored me with the mellow acoustic and violin with that loud gritty voice…good stuff. So Chuck says goodnight so yep you guessed it back to the bar 2 more pbrs waiting for Social D. So finally the moment we’ve been waiting for arrives and they blast off with 1945……atom bomb……TNT!!!! I can’t say I came for the older or the newer I came for all of it and all of it I got. Bad ass show. To Mike and the fellas, Come back to Plush guys you will be greeted with open arms again.