Show Review: 646

Hit up two shows in Europe this summer Paris (on the 4th) and London (on the 7th). Paris: Missed the opening band, Because it does not get dark until 10:00, But Social Distortion tore it up as usual! Played a bit of everything, old to new. Brought up the backup singers for "California Hustle and Flow" and "Can’t Take it with you". All the French people were really cool and new all the words to every song. They were stoked that we were in France and from Orange County…We were the one’s yelling O.C! London: Again Tore it up, at first it looked like Mike Ness was having issues with his ear piece. He finally tore it out and just kicked ass the rest of the show! He brought some youngsters on stage, and when one of the kids said he was from Manchester he got booed hard. Great to see the last show of the European tour! Social D’s Drummer David Hidalgo Jr, put on a Nacho Libre mask for "Ring of Fire" They went off! My hats off to Social Distortion, I’ve been seeing shows since 1991 (I’m 36) and they always impress. I hope they do more shows in California. (already have my Irvine Meadows tickets) but I hope there is more to come!!!!!