Show Review: 642

I’ve been a Social Distortion fan since 1989 and I hadn’t ever had a chance to see them live. I’ve wanted to see a show at the Ryman since I was a little kid in the 70’s listening to country music blasting out of my Dad’s radio in his auto body repair shop…It all finally came together on May 20th 2011. I’ve seen a buttload of bands over the years in various venues of all sizes, but this was a perfect Friday night concert. The Ryman is a great place to see any musical act. No bad seats, a friendly staff, the BEST acoustics anywhere, and a ton of history. Social D went on around 10:00pm and apparently they were pretty stoked about playing on the same stage as all their heroes that came before them. Their show lasted almost 2 hours. It was AWESOME! Here’s the setlist: Road Zombie So Far Away King of Fools Bad Luck Mommy’s Little Monster Lude Boy Machine Gun Blues Ball and Chain Don’t Drag Me Down Bakersfield Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown Down Here (With the Rest of Us) Reach for the Sky Six More Miles(Hank Williams cover) Prison Bound Encore: California (Hustle and Flow) Can’t Take It With You Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover) I left knowing I’d seen the best band I’ve ever seen, and if they ever, ever play the Ryman Auditorium while I’m still alive, I’ll go again in a heartbeat.