Show Review: 642

Awesome show at an awesome venue! The Ryman Auditorium "The Mother Church of Country Music" doesn’t really work well for a mosh pit, but Mike Ness and crew still had a great show. Ness clearly understood the history that has graced the stage in the Music City. After playing Bakersfield he stated "Who would have thought I would stand were Buck Owens once stood?" Tupac’s California Love played as they took the stage opening with Road Zombie followed by So Far Away. For a little over an hour and a half they played a great mix of old and new songs. Most of them with a bluesy feel to them. Closing with an encore of Ring of Fire followed by the Sanford and Son theme as the house lights came up. The Sharks were a great opening band. Chuck Ragan was a band. Ragan did nothing to impress me, but the Sharks tore it up pretty well for a bunch of kids from across The Pond!