Show Review: 640

This was the second time they have come to Virginia and the second time I went to see them. Last night was special because even though I have been listening to everything put out for almost 30 years…My son who has also been introduced to the music by me…..Got to go and see them live for the first time! The deal was his grades. He kept his part of the bargin so I kept mine!! I think he will be an even bigger fan than me. It was a cool moment for me to share something old school with my son and see him enjoy the hell out of it! The only thing he didn’t like was the last skateboard deck was bought right in front of him so now being a "Good" Father I need to try and find one for his birthday. Anyway The Sharks were cool, Chuck Ragan rocked the hell out of the NORVA and Social Distortion brought it crashing to the ground!!!! Absoultly Outstanding job guys!! I know being here takes you a long way from home But I couldn’t have shared this part of my life with my son without you. Thank You, for just being you, and find your way safely home.