Show Review: 640

I was at the Stone Pony show on May 18th, came home, bought tickets for this show, and very pleased. The venue was great! I absolutely love old theater houses. Had the whole 1920-30’s feel and totally fit Machine Gun Blues when played. The National fits Social D..period. Enjoyed the show dead center, front row. Different set list from the Pony, they played more songs from Hard Times at the Pony. This night they did a lot of older songs, which was great to hear. I love when the bands mix sets up, give us freaks who follows them, a change too. Mike’s mic could have been a little louder, seems like he was having issues with that at both shows, but none the less another epic performance. Considered very much calling in dead to work, to go the the last show in TN, but couldn’t risk it. Need to make the cash, so I can do the east coast shows, next time around. Keep it up boys, looking forward to next time. (Which better be soon) Muah fella’s!