Show Review: 638

I’ve been following the band since ’86, going to EVERY NY/NJ show FOR 25 YEARS. I’ve traveled to see them in PA., CT., MD., MA., and was fortunate enough to see "When the Angels Sing"; Dennis Dennel’s family benefit show in Irvine CA, shortly after Denny left us. I believe that was Johnny 2 Bags first show as well. My point? I’ve been to close to 100 Social D. shows, and last night was the best show I’ve ever been to. I don’t know if it was the big stage, or the back-up "sister" singers, or the fact that they played so long, or what. It seemed like 2 Bags was playing more lead guitar than usual, which was cool. In the last couple years, the band was cutting down thier shows to just about an hour. Last night they play for about 1hr 45 minutes, which was awesome. Loved the fiddle player from Chuck Ragan’s band on Down Here with the Rest of Us. As I mentioned before, the back-up singers were incredible. The band is tighter than ever, and Mike is getting more entertaining with age. I feel like we are growing older together, and his jokes, stories, and annecdotes are a pleasure. This band is a part of many of our lives and they just keep evolving, growing, and getting better. Mike, please don’t ever stop touring, and more importantly, coming to NJ.