Show Review: 632

The show was AWESOME! This was my first Social Distortion concert, and I was in the front row! It was the best show I’ve seen so far. The band played an awesome set (opening with "Road Zombie" and closing the encore with "Ring of Fire"). But what made it even better, was Mike’s showmanship. He made sure to give everybody a show. He’d walk up next to Wickersham and play for the fans on the right side, then he’d go back to the middle, then he’d come over by Harding and play for us on the left side. The band sounded awesome, and Mike sounds just as good live as he does on the albums. The only downside to the show was trying to meet Mike afterwards. Me and about 50 people went to the tour bus and waited for about 45 minutes for Mike to come out. Finally the rest of the band came out, and we were informed that Mike wasn’t feeling well and was already on the bus. Although disappointed, it makes me respect him more. For not feeling well, Mike still kicked ass! I can’t wait for them to come back.