Show Review: 611

First off, congrats on the new album guys, well done!! As for the show, I’ve been to over 20 shows, and this crowd was lagging hard, maybe ’cause they had to work the next day but they were lame. As for the music, great song choices, but Mike, you gotta know they way you slowed many of the songs down didn’t cut it. For your solo shows, it would have fit perfect, but for this show, no. People want the hard-driving Social Distortion we’ve come to know over the years. While singing along to Ball and Chain, for example, everyone sang it the way they expected, and were WAY ahead of you. Too many of your songs were like that. It’s tough ’cause these were great versions, but the people will not be ready for it, and many were confused by it. People need to sing that shit, Mike, it’s a much needed release, it’s fucking therapy! My opinion is Social Distortion is hard-driving punk, Mike Ness solo explores the other spaces these great songs, and the others, can inhabit. A number of us where discussing how fucking cool it would be to release an album of the alternate versions, you could donate profits from that to support the great charities you guys are behind. Your band is fucking awesome, introduce them!! You’re about to step up the the big time Mike, fans around the world expect that energy, don’t let them down!! I’ll give you one more chance up in L.A. Get some sleep, drink some Red Bull and "let’s do this mother fucker!!"