Show Review: 603

…and Friday’s show was so awesome, when I woke Sat, I found 2 tiks for Sat show off of Craigslist. Again, SD ROCKED THE HOUSE!! Great Show !! If you like music (with a period) – you’ll love SD. I’ve literally seen 100’s of bands live. Stadiums & small shows and in betweens. This Social Distortion Tour is one of the most straight forward, kick ass, leave ’em in a sweaty wet mess, "I need a cigarette" shows I’ve ever seen. SD cross cuts music genre’s, cooks ’em down, and delivers straight up hard driving music that is rock candy for your ears! If ya can’t rock and roll – don’t f-in come!!! It don’t matter – it’ll be your loss -and- we’ll "leave you….far behind."