Show Review: 562

I have been listening to Social D for 25 years and seeing them live for the last 20. They continue to be as relevant as they were 25 years ago. They are always great live. Went to this show and the one in Atlantic City and both were fantastic. Lucero opened up and are one of my favorite bands, so seeing them on the same bill as Social D had me pretty amped up. The setlist was great. Highlights for me were Far Away and Sick Boy. They also do a blues’d up version of Cold Feelings which kicks ass. If you haven’t seen Social D before you must go. I am sincere when I say, Mike Ness is the Hank Williams of our time. In this time of shitty music being played by skinny kids with guitars out of tune, I am thankful we have Social D. Mike is a living legend who never compromised his music for anyone. Keep on rockin boys…….