Show Review: 559

I thought this was an amazing show, Social D played a lot of older songs, mixed in some new ones and sounded great in the process. I thought the venue was great, good crowd for the most part and was shocked by the amount of iPhone’s floating high above the crowd. Steve Jobs would be proud. I’ve seen Social D live 7 times now, going back to ’97, when I first saw them in Philly no less in the Spectrum parking lot during the Warp Tour. I thought the sound was perfectly tuned also, not to loud, was clearly able to hear Mike’s voice even without ear plugs. Only complaint, if any, was no 99 to life song. I was glad to hear my favorite song, Prison Bound. Lots of oldies as I said earlier made the experience memorable. I went with a good friend of mine from Philadelphia, who was seeing them life for the first time. Looking forward to the new album in January, from what I’ve heard live and online, it sounds great. Can’t wait to see them again.