Show Review: 557

Mike Ness understands what most rockers of my generation (I’m 41) and the younger generations don’t seem to understand. That is that punk rock, rockabilly and country music all come from the same place. I have loved Social D. since the late eighties when I first heard them as a teenager. I’ve seen many great punk rock shows in my life: The Ramones, X, Wayne Kramer, U.K. Subs and The Dropkcik Murphys just to name a few. They were all great but Social D. were better than any of them. Yes, even better than The Ramones! On the country side, I have seen Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Willie Nelson and Steve Earle. Okay, so nobody is better than Johnny or Merle but Ness is as great of a band leader as either of them. I drove three hours to see this show and will gladly do it again for the next time around, even further if I have to. That’s saying a lot for a guy my age who has been to hundreds of shows and seen most of the greatest of the great. "Ball and Chain" transported me to a place that I haven’t been in a very long time. New arrangement of "Cold Feelings" was truly chlling. "Sick Boy" brought me back to a place in my life for which I’m glad I no longer live but must celbrate when I hear a song like that. What am I saying? The whole fucking show was amazing! Thanks for the transcendent night guys.