Show Review: 555

Throughout the years, Mike Ness keeps Social Distortion a well oiled machine as if it were one of his own 54 Chevy Black Kat Kustoms. Caps and tats filled the age spanning Detroit crowd gazing up at one of our all time favorite bands. The late guitarist Dennis Danell seemed to be represented by the iconic Social Distortion partying skeleton watching down over the band from the banner behind the drums. A rogue " #13" sign hung in nonchalant silence on a piece of equipment which seemed to ironically counter the 7 (lucky?) bouncers snatching crowd surfers before they hit the floor. Social Distortion opened with and ripped through three songs from Mommies Little Monster before speaking a word. All business. Methodically they marched on, knocked and rocked the boots off our feet for two hours. Mike Ness’ crooning and pacing with a get-the-f-out-of-my-way authority solidified the fact that, yeah we are still cool. And they were. Solid performance. Looking forward to the new album! (Could have been the best version of Prison Bound I’ve seen)