Show Review: 548

Being as Sx Dx is my all time favorite band i feel biased. So if I review the show, I have to review my experience. I live in Hillsboro Oregon, For nearly 2 years, Social Distortion was me and my exe’s band. We had broken up nearly a year ago and had rcently regained contact. We decided to make the drive down the 6 hours overnight and see the most awesome rock n’ roll since Johnny Cash and the Tennessee three. We stayed at the koa and went to the show. The show started up amazingly. They played every song I’d hoped minus some of Mike’s solo work which I think goes hand in hand. I was standing in front of where Johnny was. They knew how to work the crowd like no concert I’d ever been to before. All the different ways the band engages the crowd makes you feel like it was just you and the band. When the idiot ran on stage, hit mikes guitar and caused the mic stand to fall I though Mike was going to lose it, but as amazing as him (and the band) are he didn’t even make a big deal of it. The other two bands there were excellent as well. The action design was good, they rocked really well. It wasn’t until after the show I realized they were the remnants of tsusami bomb. Dan Sartain is now high on my list of good rockabilly artists. I’ve been to quite a few shows ( warped tour, black label society, cradle of filth, Bad Religion, Anti Flag, and Megadeth) and of all of them, the social distortion show will go down in my history as the best show I’ve seen and ever will. Mike and guys, please keep doing what you do and next time please come a little closer like Salem. At the end, I got to meet Johnny and made a couple new friends at the show. I recommend seeing this band more than anything that’s existed since the passing of JR Cash. I plan to see every show that I will be able to. i even hope to pay them enough to play my wedding some day. (Things didn’t end up with the ex :) )