Show Review: 548

Social D wasn’t going to be anywhere in Washington, and I had to choose between Medford or Boise. Very glad I chose Medford. Social D is probably my favorite band, so I was extremely excited to be there, and they really do not disappoint. They put on an amazing show! I knew they kicked ass live, but OMG. My husband thinks that they sound way better live, and I will probably have to agree. Mike was hilarious, too – "It’s hot as ASS in here!", "The next song is called BALLS. Just…BALLS! Ladies! Get your mind out fo the gutter!" (before playing Ball and Chain). He also insisted that they stopped being stingy and bring out the keggers for us LOL. The only thing that sucked about the show was that it wasn’t long enough. Next time Social D comes close (hopefully Washington), my husband and I will be there!