Show Review: 543

so i went to nolas bar bq because that was the original spot for the show.when i got there, it was not very populatled. i found out it had been moved to water street so i had to book it because i was already two hours late. saw two songs from the last warm up band, they sounded ok. Social D did take a while to get up thier but it was worth it. thier stage presence is pretty strong. and i have seen other punk bands that are younger then them. ie.. Bad Religion, henry rollins etc that when i left the show i felt " man thier getting old!" but this was not the case i felt that mike ness and the boys played with "controlled energy" but still had a harshness to them, at one point mike threaten to knock out a kid and fuck him in the ass. this is after he spit at the band like a Tard.i was glad he did this save that crap for some stupid basement show kid! any way i thoght thier set was great but the sound quality was a little off. however it was a good show with crowd that only Social Distortion could bring. bottom line I had fun