Show Review: 536

The guys were in fine form, despite the heat. Lots of sweating both on & off the stage. The crowd, as usual, sang along with every song. Nice set list, with selected favorites/hits from every album. Also a song from the upcoming album due for release in November(?) It had been many years since I had seen S.D. live, and Mike has really come into his own. He does a fine job of working the crowd, and setting up the next song or solo. The only bummer I have to mention was the sound from the PA. I have been attending and playing in live venues since 1975, and I have to say the PA at the Webster was the worst…sound…ever. There were no highs and very little mids in the sound. I would describe it as "muddy", which made the vocals very difficult to understand. I had brought two guests with me who were not familiar with the band’s songs and I had to constantly help them "hear" by repeating the lyrics. I felt this was a total dis-service to Mike & the band. The song lyrics are so important with S.D., and not being able to hear them is a crime. The Webster needs to invest in some new speakers immediately! Kudos to Social D for kicking ass. I would definitely recommend seeing them on this tour. The band is tight, and its a great experience to be in a crowd full of true fans singing along with every song.