Show Review: 532

Hi Mike, Hi everyone from Social Distortion, i can’t express with words how i feel, after going to your show… i never thought that the third live show in my life would be you, and i must say… you rocked the life of all who have been there all three days… and well, the same night i went… i wish i could’ve been on the three dates, still with the last one…and being so close to the band, i can’t complain i was standing near the left side (from band’s view) of the stage, wearing a white trucker hat, yelling the shit out of my mouth, and singing every song… i hope i can see you again, here or anywhere in the world, but i hope this won’t be the last time…. you gave a great performance and a hell of a show, and…it will be you said … on the Story of my life…. Greetings from Argentina, to Everyone in the band… Mike, I’ll be waiting eager to hear the new record, and see if i can catch up from when are the songs… sorry for the Photo quality…i wish i could brought a real camera Juan Pablo Gondra