Show Review: 530

After 15 years of bullshit, we finally knew that Social Distortion would tour through Brazil. Me and a couple of friends decided that we would follow the whole tour in our motorcycles, and that we wouldn’t miss even a second of the Social D tour! But then the schedule changed, and it started in Porto Alegre. Because of the distance, it’s impossible to ride in harley-davidsons from Porto Alegre to Rio de Janeiro in one day. So we had to accept that Rio would be our first Social D. gig ever. We left Curitiba and road 650 miles to Rio de Janeiro. We got there at afternoon, and we got the chance to see the sound check. They played Don’t Drag Me Down, Highway 101 and Sometimes I Do. Mike Ness was nice enough to autograph two copies of the poster we made to our adventure, that we called "Social Distortion Harley-Davidson Fan Tour Brazil 2010". One copy was and still is a gift for Mike. We hope he still have it. When the night came down, we were at the first line after the stage. I was the first fan after Mike Ness. They played al lot of "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" songs, and it is still my favorite album. "Bad Luck" followed by "Bye Bye Baby" was so fucking nice and Rockandroll!! Than came "Don’t Drag Me Down". You can see me and my friend here: "". My friend is the one that you can see, long blond hair. I’m the one with the tattooed arms and wearing a classic Bandana in front of him. Mike gave me his guitar pick just before the last song, "Ring of Fire". In the picture you can see my view of my first Social Distortion show ever Our Motorcycle Fan Tour was just beginning…..