Show Review: 529

The wait was finally over…SOCIAL DISTORTION in Argentina. One of the countries that really feels the punk rock (ask the RAMONES, DIE TOTEN HOSEN) had the chance to see one of the icons of this wonderfull type of music. The show started on time at 10:00pm, the place was packed, not one soul could fit there…SOLD OUT two months ago!! The band enter like "outlaws" ready to steal the soul and heart of each one of us leaded by a Mike Ness with his face covered with a bandana like a "bandolero".In that moment I knew…WE ALL knew that the show was goin’ to be FUC"*+G AWESOME. "Don’t Drag Me Down" was the first of many classics followed by "Ring of Fire", "Bad Luck", "Highway 101"(by that momento i’ve already lost my voice). One of the greatest moments of the show was "Ball and Chain" with that magical touch of the Hammond. We also had the chance to listen a new song call "Still Alive", this song actually says that SOCIAL D is back!!And thank god for that. I could write some more but my english isn’t very good and my body is tired, and my voice is no longer here. I need to recover for the Sunday show. THANKS A LOT TO BRENT AND JONNY TO DO THAT POSSIBLE 1- Don’t Drag Me Down 2- Ring Of Fire 3- Bad Luck 4- Highway 101 5- The Creeps 6- Another State Of Mind 7- Mommy’s Little Monster 8- Sick Boys 9- Reach for the Sky 10- Ball & Chain 11- Gotta Know The Rules 12- Sometimes I Do 13- Nickels & Dimes 14- Prison Bound 15- Still Alive 16- Story Of My Life