Show Review: 526

I want to say thank you to you come to Brazil last week. I’ve wait something about 10 years to see you at the stage (i wondering if i have to go to Orange County for that) . It was a wonderful show, it’s unbelievable to see so much energy come from you, and how all of this energy can run through our vains. Here, we need the bands like you, witch can take the best feelings (not so cold…) of our hearts make us feeling that we have to believe in something (and indeed we have, but we forget a several times), and showing to the "new school" a better way to live, walking away from violence and drugs. (That was what i would say if you pick me to go to stage). Thank you very much Social D. and i honestly hope to see you in Brazil next year, who knows with two shows in São Paulo? :) **p.s.: sorry about my poor english.