Show Review: 524

I have been a long time fan and was excited about seeing Social D opening up for Pearl Jam (my favorite band) the first two nights of the ‘Closing down the Spectrum’ shows. I knew they would be good but I was absolutely blown away. I’ll cut right to the chase here…Social D ****ing RAWKED!!!! Mike Ness was legendary…but really what else could Ness ever be? Jonny ‘2 Bags’ was a revelation for me…I now consider him one of my favorite guitarist playing today. No one rocks the Les Paul Jr like J2B…sheer beauty. The new drummer is striking his kit with such force (yet in perfect time) it’s hard to believe his drum heads and cymbols made it through the entire set. Add to that the CLASSIC songs and the energy and the tightness of the band and I have to put this up there with the best shows I’ve ever seen…and I have seen over a hundred live performances from all over the musical landscape. ‘Prison Bound’…’Ball and Chain’…magical. The scorching ‘Ring of Fire’ proved with out a shadow of a doubt that this is simply the best cover song every recored and then played live…"Let it Burn MFER!" I simply cannot say this with enough conviction but if you want to see a real rock ‘n’ roll show full of genius and balls out electricity then GO SEE Social D!!!! It rarely if ever gets better than this…period.