Show Review: 522

WOW!, what an amazing high energy show. Ive been a fan since 1990 when I saw Ball and Chain video on a late nite version of Headbangers Ball…lol. I bought the record album/LP/vinyl "Social Distortion" next day. Been a fan since, bought all the releases, Mike Ness solo..but never, I say NEVAH got a chance to see them in concert—–until the Hilton Head show was advertised. ….and boys and girls, what a show it was. I got front row between Mike and Jonny and thanks to the band I was free to take pics. A number of great pics Im gonna post here. Great setlist of new and old and older Social D songs. Mike can have ya laughinge. Hilton Head is known as an upper-class retirement resort on the beach. He made a joke about coming to town,,,,"I thought Jimmy Buffett was playing!!??…FUCK JIMMY BUFFETT!!….Jimmy Buffett wouldnt know COOL if it looked him in the face!!" The band was tight…Im a guitar nut…loved the p 90’s sound Jonny 2 bags got out of his vintage Juniors..and Mike on his Goldtop. Mike announced it was REALLY the last show of the tour….he said Philly doesnt count. Opening band STRANGERS from CA were really good. They rocked also.