Show Review: 521

Social D took the stage to Billie Holiday’s "Strange Fruit" — perhaps a message for us southerners? The set list reached back and forward, with plenty of the old ("Creeps," "Mommy’s Little Monster," "Another State of Mind") and three new songs. The band also played ZZ Top’s "La Grange" (sans vocals). "Story of My Life" closed the night. There was a different vibe with Atom Willard — a little more of a Bonham-type thump, compared to Quintana’s crisper, sharper-edged attack. For an end-of-tour show, though, the band delivered. Ness has no peer. [As for the openers, Middle Class Rut was an interesting cross between the Black Keys and Jane’s Addiction. The Strangers struck me as punk for the Hot Topic crowd.]