Show Review: 517

My 14 yr old son and I drove 5.5 hours from Harrisburg Pa to see my favorite band Social D. Worth every penny and gallon of gas. The first band MC Rut was loud fast and fing amazing. These two guys played like their lives depended on it. The drummer assaulted his kit for the entire set. At one point he hit a cymbal so hard it flew off its stand and then like any good drummer he threw it at the guitarist. Awesome! Next were the Strangers. They started off slow but some dude in the crowd to them they sucked and the lead singer got pissed and wanted to kick his ass. After that the strangers kicked ass and brought the crowd to life. Great songs great punk attitude. Mike and the boys just fuckin rock it out. At one point he said the crowd in Allentown Pa sucked, glad we didnt go there . They couldn’t play every song , good mix of old and new. Venue was great . My son just might be a Social D fan. can’t wait for the new record and another 30 years. Tour is almost over – buy a fukking ticket and see this band. They were born to play live !!!!!!!!!