Show Review: 516

Mind Blowing! My 1st Social D show, and what all i can say is: Wow. The band was great (the drummer kicks ass), the set list was awesome, and the crowd was really digging it. The highlight of the night, for this reviewer, was Bakersfield: a beautiful song and an instant classic about being stuck somewhere that you didn’t want to be (like a Creed concert, as Mike would tell you). The security guards, however, were not quite digging it. Near the beginning of the set, things got rough in front of the stage and the guards started beating the shit out of some one. I was behind the soundboard, so I did not get a clear view of what happened, but Mike did. "Do I have to come down there and choke a bitch?" he asked the crowd, then asked to calm down and have a good time. All in all, a great experience in a great venue with great music.