Show Review: 516

Incredible Show! I have to admit it was my first Social D show, but It won’t be my last. Mike and company kicked ass!!! HOB was a cool setting, but my seats could have been better. I was stoked to hear them do Nickles and Dimes and Highway 101, two of my favorites, but then, who am I kidding, they’re all my favorites. Bakersfield was awesome, can’t wait for the new stuff next year. I considerd getting tickets to the show with Pearl Jam in Philly, but I believe that PJ would be a letdown after seeing Social D! (and I am a fan of PJ). The Strangers were cool, but Middle Class Rut was hard to understand. They need to back off the effects pedals. All in all, I believe it was the best concert I’ve been to. Keep it up guys! Can’t wait to see you again. Kick Ass! Thanks for a great show!