Show Review: 513

I’m almost ashamed to say that as an older rock n roller who’s seen the Clash, Ramones, etc, I was not too familiar with Social Distortion till this year. I couldn’t believe what I was missing all these years. So I drove over 3 hours to see these guys and they were terrific. The band was tight and Mike Ness was COOL. The mosh pit was very active though I stayed back where things were calmer. I must say most of the fans I saw were into the show but respectful of others which was appreciated because it was crowded. The sightlines were not the greatest as I couldn’t see Mike play guitar but the sound was excellent and I sure could hear him play those searing leads. I did my best to keep a setlist which I think is fairly accurate. The Creeps Another state of mind ? Mommy’s little monster Sick Boys Don’t drag me down Ring of Fire Bad Luck Highway 101 Reach for the sky Can’t take it with you Ball and Chain Bakersfield Nickels and Dimes Sometimes I do ENCORES Make Believe 99 to Life New song ??? Story of my life