Show Review: 513

I traveled long and hard for this MF show and even though I’ve seen SD 30+ times over the years was no less pumped for a great gig! The venue was a disaster, sound was horrible and the guys must have 3rd degree burns as the canned lights were what seemed 2 ft. above their heads. Something about a venue in a strip mall next to a rehab center????? The stage was so crowded Mike and 2-Bags were on top of each other. Who cares as a long as it is Social Distortion. The band was tight, Atom kicks ass on skins and 2-Bags is the damn man! Mike was his usual self, lots of spitting, sneering and pushing the Les Paul to the brink. Creeps, Sick Boy, MLM, Don’t Take me for Granted and Nickels and Dimes were the highlight for me. I was bummed not to hear Far Behind as that is a great newer jam with that classic SD sound although their newest "Bakersfield" was good! Not a huge fan of the other new song "Can’t Take it With You" I must say. Seems the guys are working in a lot of organ and keys into the new stuff, certainly more "Rootsy" than older material. It is also sad that Moral Threat, 1945, Hour of Darkness and Telling them are all but retired these days. I will say It is definitely time for a new record! I am a huge fan of the old stuff going back 25+ years but it seems the boy’s need to move forward. Not sure how that will work to be honest but I have faith that my favorite US band of all time will come though kicking and screaming! The one thing you can always say about SD is they do work hard for their money and bring it every damn time they play. Great Music, Great Band and always Great Memories with SD! Cheers.