Show Review: 512

Great show. Social D was in great form. They were tight and rocked the house. Mike looks like he’s been working out. Show started with 3 really old circi Mommy’s Little Monster songs. First time Ive seen them play Sick Boys, which was great. The show had a little country flavor to it as they played a slower version of Ball and Chain and Prison Bound, which fit nicely with the 3 songs from the yet to be released album. All the new songs were great, I thought the I’m Still Alive song and Bakersfield were really great – sort of cross between Mike’s solo stuff and harder core Social D. They played a fair bit from the most recent album, but i was surprised they left out Dont Take Me For Granted and also Far Behind. Best part of the show was as part of the encore they played 99 To Life, which I hadnt heard since the Heaven and Hell Tour. The crowd was great, was way into it, knew all the songs, sang along. Good sportsmanship in mosh pit as when anyone fell down, people helped them up. The Strangers were a good warm up too. Lead singer was like a young Mike Ness.