Show Review: 510

ok so i’ve decided that punk rock is not dead , but punk rockers might be in Pittsburgh. First of all the sound sucked at the chesarena because it’s a skating rink.. second of all, the most of the crowd sucked because they seemed as though they would have rather been at a hockey game, and it was obvious. The pit sucked because I was in it and there were alot a-holes who were there just to hurt people and not pit – maybe i’m old skool, but there is pit ettiquite, and punching people in the face is not part of it lol As far the opening band ,I loved the strangers! How cute is the singer!! I mean the dude lost his gram from the burg and the crowd was like …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .. I thought they brought it back old skool punk and rocked the house. I’ve seen sSocial d million times, and of course they always bring it wherever they play, I love that about them. At least they play here ! and in shit holes, Pittsburgh is lucky and next time should give the tickets they bought to the real fans who may have the missed the show because it sold out. Social d is the best rock n roll band ever!