Show Review: 510

Mike and the Boys did a great job. I agree with many below, Ches-A-Rena acoustics/venue were lousy, but hey, what do punks expect? Punks always end up on the abandoned trail, that’s what makes us who we are. The security chumps did have the rent-a-cop attitude, drunk on the power the position provides them. The warm-up bands were great, I liked M C Rut better than The Strangers, however, the dude’s voice reminded me of Perry Farrel’s. I liked The Palace Inn venue in Greensburg, PA, 2 years ago, August 2007, that place is made for music. I guess after all our moshing back then, in such a high class establishment, you weren’t invited back? LOL Anytime you come to ‘da burgh’, I’ll be there. Mike, your song writing skills are on par or better than all the great rock ‘n roll/punk bands, I’m sure you’ve been told that a million times. Rock on, good people!