Show Review: 508

Show last night was AWESOME as usual ! Stood by the railing around the stairs to the bathrooms on the left side (i.e. about 15 feet from the speakers !!). I can’t hear shit in my left ear… But GREAT place to SEE the show and not get killed by a mosher !! Out of the 3 new songs they played, "Bakersfield" is my favorite. About 3/4 thru the show the speakers started "crackling" a bit, and before "Sometimes I Do", Mike Ness announced that someone had spilled a pitcher of beer on the soundboard, and we all should go kick his ass. He said they were going to try to "finish" the show. As soon as he announced THAT, the big speakers completely went OUT, and we listened to the first half of "Sometimes I Do" thru just their monitors on stage. (very "intimate" sound, like a tiny club) But then half way thru the big speakers came back on !! Woo Hoo ! At least they came on on OUR side…. Don’t know if the RIGHT side ever came back on, but it sounded the same as before to me. The reason I question whether the right side came back on, is that after "Sometimes I Do" they left the stage, took a VERY long (about 2-3min) encore break, and then came out and only did ONE song for the encore !?!?! AND it was a NEW song !?!? (I’m Still Alive) pretty strange… NO ONE thought it was REALLY over, the stage lights stayed dark, but the house lights came on. People started to leave, and a lot of people started "chanting"… "something" happened on the stage to indicate that they WERE coming back out, and everyone FLOODED back up front (mass chaos) !! But after about 30sec, they turned on the stage work lights and started tearing down…. What the HELL…??? NO Prison Bound ?! No Story Of My Life !?! They have been doing those songs at every show since early summer !!! DAMN !! They didn’t act like they were pissed off about the sound incident, and like I said, it sounded like they fixed the problem ? Maybe the city, or Bogarts told them they had to quit !? So they only played for 1hr and about 10min… bummer… Oh, and Mike Ness had a beard !! (short, but a beard indeed !!)