Show Review: 493

I waited for a long time to see Social D in concert. This was my first time seeing them in concert and what a show it was ! By far the best show i’ve ever seen. Standing in the front row, at the center of the stage,with Mike ness in front of me the whole time was an amazing experience. With classics like: The Creeps, Prison Bound, Ball and Chain, Don’t Drag Me Down and Sick Boys to some newest stuff like Reach For The Sky and Highway 101…and we even got a taste of three new songs: Still Alive, Can’t Take It With You and Bakersfield. To me, the high point of the show was when the performed Alone And Forsaken, a Hank Williams song. They arranged it so well and it was a big suprise to hear this one live. Mike was in great shape, so was the rest of the band. An unforgetable experience ! . WE LOVE YOU SOCIAL D !!!