Show Review: 486

July 28th/09 will burnt into my head for the rest of my life. My wife and drove to Saskatoon in the afternoon. Got in to the city about 4:20( ha ha I know 4:20 but that was the actual time). But about half way there I had the best Idea ever. So for 3 1/2 hrs we waited in the back alley. Enduered a light rain storm, and a lot of friendly chat with the local roadies aswell as the real road roadies. As we were sitting in the back alley early on I heard a distinct drum beat coming from the back door of the venue( The Odeon). At that point both our hearts got pounding as hard as the kick drum we could hear. I turned and said," holy sh#t baby that’s Social D doing thier sound check. So stood so quietly you could have heard a pin drop in the alley. My wbaby doll be as sweet as she is asked the guy at the back door if we could have a little peek inside. to which he replyed to our surprise," just a little on". We both steped into the darkened doorway just in time to hear and see Mr. Ness himself on stage sing the chorus of "Prison bound". Before we were quickly noticed and asked to leave. After we continued waiting in the alley. By this point my wife who was just wearing a little red tank top was freezing so we decided to go get our truck and move it closer to the venue as it had been parked a few blocks away.Upon our return to our post in the back alley. The friendly roadie who had let us sneek in only a short time before told us our timing couldn’t have been any worse. It turns out as we left for the truck the whole band come out for a smoke after thier sound check and had went for dinner. We didn’t give up cause we had an inside tip. We new what car took them for dinner and would be bringing them back. As we sat in our truck warming my wife up. I noticed the car we had been put on to earlier pull up behind the tour bus. And then it happened! Mike Ness got out and started walking towards the bus. I was in such a state of shock I almost forgot the litho I had boughten 15 minutes earlier. We both dashed across a four lane street. As we rounded the front of the bus, there he was Mike Ness drinking a coffee. My wife was as calm as I don’t know she held it together for the both of us. I was shacking and stuttering so bad I could baerly speak. I some how managed to ask for a autogragh and if he had time for a quick picture. He responded with a smile and said," yes but I have to get ready for the show". I don’t know if he was smiling cause he was in a good mood or because my hands were shaking so bad I could barely use my phone. I have not stopped watching that video of him and myself since I was put on my phone. I think at that point they could have cancelled the show and my wife and I would have been just as happy. Thank you Social Distortion and espiecially you Mike you made that day a memory that will be with my wife and I for ever. Oh yah this supposed to be about the show. What can I say deadly opening acts, props to both The Strangers and Civet. (The bass player from The Strangers asked us for a fashion tip in the alley before thier set in the alley). As for Social Distortion they rocked the set as they did in 07. The sound was great , the people were great. The staff at the venue props to them aswell for pulling wife over the barrier before she was crushed on the railing by a swarm of both young and old, new and seasoned fans rushed the stage to get as close to you guys as possible. Thank you very much to all the members in all the bands for putting on the most memorable show in both our lives. I would put our pictures up from the show but I am using a computer at my local library. We both hope you come back soon. L8TR, and shanks alot for the memories. Scincerly Andrew & Alison