Show Review: 484

I have heard of SD but don’t really know them. Was a last minute concert and I was expecting a punk show and I went to check the venue out as well. Opening band Strangers were a decent punkish band, I think all 3 of them were California bands. I thought for the opener they set a good tone. Crowd was about 50% wehen they played it seemed. Then up was Civet, I thought a stupid name but then saw they had a female member or two. Turned out they’re an all female band. And a Civet is a small mammal that lives in the trees of tropical jungles. Kinda half monkey and half cat looking…. from what I learned. These gals played a fast and furious punk rock, I’d almost say thrash punk. I quite liked them and they looked good to boot. The place kept filling up as they played. I thought they must be near their last song so went out for a long smoke, came back in and the gals were still playing and played at least another song as well. Long intermission and then I got to see Social D. They played a long and satisfying set with a pretty good mosh pit all things considered I thought. They were kind of a hard rock band with punk flavourings.