Show Review: 481

This show was absofuckinlutely amazing! This was only my second Social D show, the first time was at the End Fest Sweet 16, and this show was by far the best. Mike Ness was looking really good, really healthy, 10 years younger even. Even though I had proclaimed myself as too old to ever be in a pit at a show again I ended right up in front, in the pit for the entire show. I was squished, bruised, and kicked in the head by people crowd surfing, and by the end was soaked to the bone with other peoples sweat and bodily fluids (which made for some interesting looks on my walk back to my hotel room) but it was so worth it. I was glad they played Footsteps on My Ceiling and Highway 101, among many other great songs, but next time I see them I would love to hear them play When the Angels Sing. I left that show wanting more. I can’t wait to see them again.