Show Review: 480

Omg that was the best gig I’ve ever been to it was super awesome and I’m so glad that I helped out Jay!! Oh And I hope you get better Jay! The best part of that show was when I went on my brothers sholders and I was like "YEAAHHH MIKEE NESSSS I LOVEE YOU!!!!" and He just looked at me and smiled THat made the whole concert great for me. And your son He’s awesome you thought him well Mike(: He did great. And he’s got the good looks jusss like you(: I just loved every thing about the concert! Well I just want to say I hope your feeling better Jay!!!! And I cried when i seen that smile on your face and I’m so glad I could help Just seeing you smile, I knew you were so very thankful(: <33333 P.s I love you Mike Ness.